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21 Ways To Get Hospitality Marketing Emails Opened and Read


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We live in a world of cluttered inboxes.

The prominent challenge of marketing hotels or destinations via email marketing is piquing enough interest for readers to open your message in the first place.

The answer? Creativity.  It’s the best way to beat out competing marketing message that are flung at travelers and meeting planners everyday.  In order to get read, your emails must be attention-grabbing and action-oriented. 

Here is Part One of my 21 copywriting tips on how to write emails get noticed, opened and read.

1. Write for ONE person

Don’t think about your email list as a massive group of subscribers. Make it a rule within your hotel marketing strategy: Write every hotel marketing or destination marketing email as if you were talking to just ONE person only. This is a quick way to make sure your emails sound personal. 

2. Use a powerful subject line

Use words that you normally wouldn’t see in your own email inbox. Stop wandering eyes with words that pique your emotions and senses. This is a great way to make sure your email stands out in a cluttered email inbox. 

3. Use numbers

Using an infrequently used number, such as 6 or 19, will make readers stop and look. 

4. Say YOU, a lot

‘You’ is one of the English Language’s most persuasive words.

5. Be natural

Hard as it might be, try not to think of your marketing emails as ‘marketing messages.’ Starting thinking of your emails as the beginning of conversations and you’re sharing info that can be of benefit to email subscribers.

6. Don’t sell right off the bat

Meeting planners buy from people they trust. So when marketing hotels, set out to build a reputation of being a trusted  source and a friend first. Then, your readers – whether leisure travelers or meeting planners - will be more apt to visit your destination or book a meeting.

More information at http://hospitality.cvent.com/blog/junvi-ola/21-ways-to-get-hospitality-marketing-emails-opened-and-read-part-1