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20 Hotel Marketing Ideas Hoteliers Should Know


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1. Marketing goals in the past: create brand awareness, target mass media, interrupt and repeat. Marketing now: create behavior change, create conversation, communicate directly

2. Spend the large majority of your time trying to reach the most likely buyers instead of the entire market. "The smaller the target, the bigger the bulls eye."

3. We have 3 jobs as marketers: obtain profitable customers, keep them, and expand their lifetime value

4. People admire complexity, but reward simplicity


1. Give visual priority to the most important elements of your site. Booking modules should be prominent and above the fold

2. Put your offer front and center – make it extremely clear ("What do you want me to do?")

3. Include stunning visuals. People buy travel on emotion.

4. Write page content from the mindset of the customer. Use their language.

5. Publish guest comments, reviews, and feedback directly on your website

6. View your main website not as the final destination, but a hub to refer people elsewhere in your online network

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