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4 Hotel Social Media Marketing Pitfalls


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Hoteliers still struggle to shape the conversation and convert inspiration into bookings on sharing websites such as Facebook.

The reasons for this are fourfold:

1.      Hoteliers often try and lead the conversation, while they should make more effort to join it;

2.      Consumers move at a rapid pace;

3.      Hoteliers struggle to develop websites that reduce the booking journey span between the consumer stage of inspiration and conversion; and

4.      Hoteliers require a fuller grasp of their properties, consumers and market.

Co-opting the conversation

Social media efforts are mostly moving from desktop to mobile, and consumers are demanding that they, not hoteliers, lead the conversation.

Hoteliers must understand this quickly, panelists said.

Third-party sites such as Facebook have space for immense amounts of photography, video and commentary, which permit customers to take the lead, not merely adapt to it.

"Give your guests a really good experience, and their marketing will do all your work for you," said Gautam Lulla, COO and product manager of hotel-booking technology provider Travel Tripper.

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