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4 Rules for Hotel Mobile Web Design


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Forget the tweaks and refreshes. If you really want to win in the mobile space, you need to design the user experience from scratch, according to Travis Katz, CEO and co-founder of trip planner and review site Gogobot.

“A user coming to your brand on mobile is coming with a completely different mindset,” he said. They’re much more goal-driven and are less inclined to browse aimlessly. 

These users are also more likely to book, Katz said, noting the up to 50% booking conversion rate on the Gogobot platform. 

Make no mistake, “people do book on mobile,” he said during a panel titled “Overcome fragmentation” during the 7th annual Social Media & Mobile Strategies for Travel conference hosted by EyeforTravel. Gogobot has seen 400% growth in its mobile and tablet bookings in the past year alone, Katz added. 

However, starting over on your mobile platform only works if you prescribe to certain guidelines, of which Katz shared four in particular.

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