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6 Hotel Website Design Crimes


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Your hotel website can become the most profitable sales channel working for you 24/7 by bringing you direct bookings. Hoteliers are re-evaluating the concepts of their brand websites. Some of them opt for a few improvements of existing websites, others go for a completely new website. Here I will outline the most “criminal” hotel website design attributes which you need to avoid.

Crime #1: Complicated booking process.

The simpler the booking process is – the more bookings you will get. The reservation process should be as much more transparent and easy to follow as possible. The users like to know in advance how many steps there are in the process and where they are at each stage. To make the booking process truly effective, you must know answer to the following questions: how long does your booking process take? How many visitors start booking process and don’t finish it? On which stage of the booking process you do lose the customers?

Crime #2: No or difficult to find location and contact details.

That’s amazing, but very often hoteliers either hide the location page among the tiny links on the home page footer or somewhere deep within the website. The clear concise contact details with an interactive map and clear info on how to get to the hotel (as well as transport links and maybe key attractions like city centers, shoppings, etc) should be one click away from all pages of the website.

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