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6 Customer Psychology Lessons for Hotel Marketers


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A big part of every marketer's job is understanding how and why our prospects behave the way they do. We do our keyword research, we develop buyer personas, and we track where people are most likely to click on our site pages.

But there's more to the story. What about the psychology behind your prospects' behaviors? How useful would it be if you could predict or inform their behavior, and then base your marketing on that information?

Armed with a few social psychology lessons, you can get pretty darn close. In this post, I'll tell you about eight social psychology theories that can be applied to marketing to help you reach your target buyers more effectively.

1. Reciprocity

When a person receives a gift, she often experiences warm feelings toward the gift-giver and wants to give something back. This, in a nutshell, is the principle of reciprocity.

Here's what that looks like in action: The UK Behavioural Insights Team found that 11% of people were willing to donate an amount worth one day's salary when they were given a small gift of candy while being asked for a donation, compared to 5% of those that were just asked for the donation.

What This Means for Marketers

Before asking something of your prospects, leads, or customers, provide them with a "gift" first – as in, something for free. It doesn't have to be big: Maybe a helpful ebook, a free consultation call, branded company swag, or even a handwritten note. Not only will people be more willing to follow through with your request, but you'll be portraying your company in a positive light, establishing brand loyalty, and leaving a community of brand evangelists in your wake.

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