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Don't Be Guilty of These 5 Hotel Marketing Mistakes


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Setting Your Guests Up for Disappointment
Wanderlust-worthy photography, eye-catching graphics, and evocative copywriting are worthless if the hotel property is a shoddy product to begin with. NOTHING kills great marketing more than a bad product. If your hotels are in dire need of a deep cleaning and redesign, you’re located in a surly part of town, or your employees don’t care about your guests, than you’ll be in trouble no matter what your pretty ad copy says. Lying to guests  will come back to haunt you, as they will soon take to online reviews and will not hesitate to accuse you of a bait and switch. Instead of investing in an expensive marketing campaign to change guests perceptions, take the time and effort to make your hotel shine first.


Thinking Everything is Measurable
Yes, marketing ROI has never been easier to measure, with today’s analytical tools providing near instantaneous information. But, the simple fact is that not every marketing action can be accurately measured. And, not every marketing campaign should expect direct bookings so soon after a program is implemented. With so many variables at play, at times it is often best to focus on the big picture of marketing and look at your monthly or annual numbers overall.


More details at http://hospitality.cvent.com/blog/junvi-ola/dont-be-guilty-of-these-6-hotel-marketing-mistakes