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5 Most Influential Words in Hospitality Marketing


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Every copywriter or content marketer knows that there are some words that have more clout over the decision making process than others. Funny thing is, these powerful words don’t sound so powerful or complex. After all, its simple language that makes it crystal clear to our audience what we want them to do.

In other words, these deceptively simple words have loads of persuasive power. When advertising towards group travel or increasing group bookings at a hotel, strategically use these five words to speak convincingly to your potential clients.


Innovation is thrilling, and it’s extremely simple to excite your clients with "what's new" when marketing for hotels. Whether its new amenities, new design, new packages, new hotel marketing messages or new solutions to old problems, a commitment to updating is the key to keeping your potential clients ‘on their toes.’ This consistent creativity will also allow you to have fresh items to promote your property.

More details at: http://hospitality.cvent.com/blog/junvi-ola/5-most-influential-words-in-hospitality-marketing