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5 Ways to Use Your WiFi for Marketing


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We all know that WiFi is an essential addition to today’s top hotel, but what the industry leaders are quickly catching on to is how your internet connection can increase your marketing opportunities.

With most people plugging in while checking in or browsing before they’ve even unpacked their belongings, it’s cunning to use this first connection to your advantage. You can direct them to your website or suggest they find you on Facebook and Twitter. This can seriously strengthen your brand. WiFi is no longer just an amenity, it’s becoming an essential asset for your marketing strategy. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the most from your WiFi.

1. Brand your landing page

An engaging and easy to use landing page is essential, so make sure that as soon as your customer opens their browser, they’re met by a strong start. A clear, clean landing page is your hotel’s handshake. It should introduce your product at its best and strengthen your brand. Remember, your customers may be using a small screen and will have limited patience, so make it simple but eye catching! With most clients logging in before they’ve even unpacked, it’s no secret how important a first impression is, and your landing page should reflect this.

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