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Gamifying Your Hotel Loyalty Program


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The web and software world has embraced ‘gamification’ over the past few years as websites and mobile apps find ever-craftier ways to incorporate gaming mechanics into their platforms. The goal is simple: heighten consumer interaction by making the platform more exciting. It’s something that video games do especially well; by capitalizing upon our desire for instant gratification, these systems can go from amusing to addictive.

When was the last time you heard of a loyalty program detailribed as addictive? In a hotel context, probably never. Most of the time, these programs are supplemental to emotional consumer drivers; guests select a hotel brand affinity.

What if you could design a loyalty program that was so enticing, it became a talking point on par with the main features and amenities offered by your brand? What if your loyalty program commanded the attention of its users and actually deterred them from looking elsewhere? When we talk about gamifying a product, part of what’s implied is personal customization – the ability to modify what each individual receives from loyalty program membership to suit his or her particular needs.

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