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Hotel Restaurant and Food Photo Frenzy


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Your guests are crazy about taking food photos. Here's why this matters to your hotel restaurant.

I admit it. I take pictures of food. Constantly.

That’s right, I’m the guy at the table next to you who won’t take a bite until the angle is perfect and the lighting just right. I know I’m annoying – especially to whomever I am dining with-- but I can’t help myself.

To me, after taking pictures with people, photos of food are a great way for me to engage in the experience during dining, and a long time after when I am trying to recall specific dishes I loved and others to avoid, lestI accidently eat the same bad meal two years later.

Photos of food have helped me bond with people over food discussions when I whip out visuals of past culinary experiences, connects me more with chefs who like seeing their work highlighted and gives people a good reason to make of me. Not like they need any more reasons.

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