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Hotel Website Redesign, What to DO and What to Adviod


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If this trend hasn’t started yet, it is going to be one of the big ones of 2012 and that’s the re-design of hotel websites. Most hotel websites have been designed more than 2 years ago and many are still Flash based, few of them are mobile friendly and a large percentage of them are based on smaller screen sizes.

How to know what you should be doing for your next website, what are the hotel marketing elements that must be taken into account in the design and which ones should be avoided?

The design, architecture and development of a hotel’s website is paramount in it’s success for obvious reasons. Not the least of which is direct revenue. Every hotel knows that their direct revenue is their largest measure of financial health. If they can make the website generate 60% or more of their revenues it means all the difference for the hotel.

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