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How Hoteliers can Reach the Millennials


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Are you trying to build relationships with millennials – also known as Generation Y? Well, you’re not alone – most hoteliers are eager to connect with generation Y, the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce, as they seem to be the hardest to reach.

Millennials have grown up in a world full of advertising from countless channels. Due to the overload, Gen-Y has learned to block, skip, and ignore advertising. The generation on the go is drawn to technology, convenience, and flexibility – they appreciate products, services, and organizations that understand their needs and fit into their lifestyle. Is your marketing strategy fitting into the lives of this young group of travelers?

We know – it’s not easy! If you’re like most hoteliers, you are eager to learn more about this young generation. First, begin by understanding what influences them.

A study by Voxburner, a digital agency which focuses on attitudes, habits, and behavior of young consumers, has conducted a study with an insight on Generation Y’s travel decisions.

tnooz picked out a few tech and digital elements that will help you reach Generation Y:

More details at http://www.e-marketingassociates.com/hoteliers-can-reach-millennials/