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The Keys to Deal With Online Reviews

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Hotel reviews are put everywhere on the internet. Some hotels will find customers thrilledwith their services, the rooms, and the amenities, telling the world about the fantastic experience they had at your hotel. Naturally, though, there are others who will find problems with the same amenities, rooms, and services; and other hotels might find that there are repeat complaints.  It’s easy to deal with the good, but how do you go about dealing with the bad?  Especially when people have published their rantings for all of the world to read.

First of all, know that you don’t have to respond to all of the reviews out on the web.  While doing so will continue your good customer service, it can be hard to keep up with all of the comments spread acrossa plethoraof websites.

That being said, assign one or two people on your managing the staff of checking review sites on a weekly basis. Those assigned to the task must have good writing skill so that guests will see the responses as the brand itself.  All responses, whether to a positive or to a negative comment, should be professional, understanding, and should show willingness to take suggestions into consideration in order to make changes that will improve your guests’ experience in the future.  The key for dealing with reviews is transparency.  Apologize when needed, and always show appreciation of bringing things–both positive and negative–to your attention.

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