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Bounce, View, Visit: A Quick n’ Dirty Guide To Website Traffic Terms


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There is a learning curve to understanding similar-sounding Internet terms, but even knowing the basics can go a long way towards understanding your web analytics and making educated decisions. We hope that this quick introduction will help you better understand the basics so that you know how to talk about your website’s performance even if you’re a beginner.



What it is: The number of individual people that visit your website

Why it’s important: It measures your web traffic in terms of people

Note:  Unless you’re using specific tracking technology, one person visiting your site on multiple devices will count as multiple visitors. For example, as you read this, you count as one visitor. If you wanted to look this up on your way home on your smartphone, you would count as another visitor. Later, when you are at home and wanted to show your cat on your tablet, you would count as another visitor. Just by visiting the same page on different devices, you become multiple visitors!

More details at:  http://www.buuteeq.com/blog/bounce-view-visit-a-quick-n-dirty-guide-to-website-traffic-terms/