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Social Media Hotels Are Catching on!


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Social Media Hotels: Free Marketing, Customer Service and Efficiency

How hotels use Twitter and social media for free marketing and to increase customer service capabilities while increasing efficiency in hotel operations.

The Sol Wave House, a hotel in Majorca, Spain, recently launched a campaign to make themselves the first ever "Twitter Experience hotel."  The Twitter hotel is essentially where guests can "Tweet" requests to an in-house "Twitter Concierge" who delegates the requests to the hotel staff directly.  This of course gives guests the opportunity to make service requests from anywhere in the hotel as long as they have their phone with them.  The Twitter Experience hotel bases almost 100% of its operations on an internal community available to guests through a downloadable app.  While this is a little extreme as it's their entire basis of operations, properties can use pieces of this idea to increase customer service and efficiency in their own operations.

The trends of smart phones and social media are only growing and hotels should be taking advantage of this as an opportunity.  "A report released earlier this year by The Boston Consulting Group says millennials will become the core customers of airlines, hotels and travel companies in the next five to 10 years as they enter their peak earning, spending and travel years."  The Twitter Experience hotel is an example of the industry working to attract these millennial customers to gain their business and loyalty.  Social media is also growing among older demographics, particularly in the business world, and this should not be viewed as something to only benefit millennial customers.

More Information at http://ehotelier.com/hospitality-news/item.php?id=26398_0_11_0_C