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Treating Meta Search Marketing as a Distribution Channel Results in Loss of Direct Revenues for Hoteliers


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We are currently witnessing an explosion of meta search sites and online publishers, facilitated by advancements in digital technology and advertisers’ perceptions of these sites as “unbiased” online media players compared to the OTAs.

The most popular meta search sites and publishers in the hospitality and travel space include: Google Hotel Finder (with tentacles across the Google universe), TripAdvisor Meta Search, Bing Meta Search (powered by TripAdvisor), Kayak.com, Trivago.com (Europe), WeGo.com (Asia Pacific), HotelsCombined.com (Australia), and others.

The value proposition to travel consumers is undeniable: By adding real-time availability and pricing and enabling rate shopping, travel planners are now provided with everything they need to research and book their hotel stay.

The main question is: Why would anyonline travel consumerwant to go to an OTA website when they can get all of the components needed for an intelligent hotel purchasing decision (hotel location, hotel information, customer reviews, and real-time availability and pricing) from Google Hotel Finder, TripAdvisor, and other meta search sites?

More Information at http://www.hebsdigital.com/blog/treating-meta-search-marketing-as-a-distribution-channel-results-in-loss-of-direct-revenues-for-hoteliers/