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The Art of Selling More Room


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Travel review sites and OTAs are proven reservation-generating resources and while you cannot risk breaking away completely from them, the art lies in using OTAs as one-time cost of acquiring customers and then getting repeat business via direct bookings.


To get started, try to understand why OTAs seem to drive hotel bookings. The answer is simple - they engage more browsers than hotel websites. By offering reviews, search tools, ratings, etc. OTAs are structured like interactive yellow pages. However, there is one OTA industry fact that most property owners don’t know.


A very small fraction of people using OTAs actually make a reservation on their initial visit to the website. It takes a few, repeated visits before they proceed with the reservation. In fact, as per a Google survey, 52% of travelers will visit your hotel’s website after seeing you on an OTA. This creates a window of opportunity where you can step in and grab attention of prospective customers.


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