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The Top 4 Hotel Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


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Savvy hoteliers are generally more aware of hotel marketing strategies that will bring in more business for their hotel after conducting research and/or engaging in marketing experimentation. But, are they aware of the things to avoid when marketing their hotel? Many marketing mistakes have been made by even the largest and most successful hotels, making it beneficial for hoteliers to be aware of these common fallacies in order to avoid them.


The Top Hotel Marketing Mistakes

1. Resisting change while hanging onto an outdated and ineffective website

The world wide web has changed drastically over the last several years and hoteliers must act upon the advancements of the Internet. Due to these fast technological advances, hotels that still display their property on an older looking and inefficient website are a lot more susceptible to receiving lower percentages of hotel website conversions. Additionally, if your hotel’s website looks outdated, then your hotel property will be also be perceived as outdated by online users. The lifespan of website content is a fairly short one, making it crucial to update the content and images generally within 36 to 48 months, but the sooner the better it is for your website. The hotel’s website should not only reflect its onsite experience, but it should also be up-to-date with the current technology and changes in consumer demands.

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