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Understanding the Complexity of the Booking Journey


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Understanding the path to booking for most traveler shoppers can be very complex especially when it comes to different devices.  The path to booking will vary depending on the device a traveler is using and which search engines, OTA or meta search sites they are searching from.  It is imperative that hoteliers be aware that consumer behavior shifts from one device to another and from one site to another.  In today’s technology driven world, the path to purchase for consumers is no longer straight-forward rather it takes on different stages.  Travel shoppers are not merely searching on desktops or going straight to Google to do a search and then decide to book.  Instead, we are seeing more and more consumers doing their initial search on their smartphones then navigating to different review sites to validate their view of the hotel.  We are even seeing social media having an influence in a consumer’s decision making process.  Whether you are a leisure or business traveler, we all prioritize search differently.  With that said, hotels need to remain relevant and drive brand awareness by casting a wider net in order to capture the consumer during the entire purchasing funnel.  Hoteliers must learn to deliver content that will reflect consumer behavior, appeal to the traveler’s needs and align with today’s technology.


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