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Why Social Media Is Beneficial for Hotels


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By now, hoteliers have heard about the importance of social media and the fact that they should be using it as part of their online marketing efforts. What may not be clear, however, is WHY exactly it is important. To many, the first thought that comes to mind is “Isn’t social media just a way to keep in touch with family and old friends? How could that possibly be beneficial for my hotel?” When it comes to using social media for your hotel, there are both search and social benefits.


Google is the most visited website in the world and chances are the site will play a part when guests are planning their trip. When searching for a hotel, travelers typically do not just view one website and make their decision. According to a study by Cornell University, guests visit an average of 15 websites before actually booking a hotel. This means they are likely searching review sites and social media sites in addition to just the hotel and OTA websites. Having active social media pages that provide useful information about your hotel and the local area will have a positive impact on those interested in staying at your property.

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