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Are you SoLoMo? Your Competitors are!


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So, why should hoteliers be SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)? A successful marketing campaign in today’s high tech world requires social, local, and mobile. A local marketing strategy is crucial – it’s the local events and attractions that will bring in a majority of your guests. Promoting local events on online channels will quickly increase direct bookings.

Some hotels depend on their brand’s site to market their property and bring in guests. Unfortunately, that is not the case – the brand will only market the brand, not your property. So, this means your property will be on the brand’s site and you may get brand recognition. However, the brand will not promote your local market – remember, they get paid when any of their properties are booked ( your property is not special). It is your responsibility to promote your local market and book travelers who are searching for attractions and events near your property. If you don’t offer these travelers a room that is convenient to their plans, your competitor will! Whether you are an independent hotel or a brand, you need to market locally.

So,  how do hoteliers market locally and gain travelers? To grow direct bookings and gain some popularity in your market, you will need to have a marketing strategy that is social, local, and mobile.

More details at http://www.e-marketingassociates.com/solomo-competitors/