華盛頓7月底收益戰略峰會(Revenue Strategy Summit)上,行業大咖們就酒店面臨的各種問題和挑戰進行了探討,從Airbnb到OTA到移動到其他新興酒店行銷模式等等。以下是本次峰會中9句金句:

1. “Revenue Strategy isn't a fancy new name for revenue management, it's a different way of thinking.”

- Cindy Estis Green, co-founder and CEO, Kalibri Labs, on the new discipline that led to the launch of this event three years ago


——Cindy Estis Green,酒店諮詢機構Kalibri Labs聯合創始人、CEO

2. “We don't concentrate often on the leaping-ahead technologies that are necessary to stay at pace with the disruption that's going on. We're going into battle with our hands tied behind our back because we don't have the technology available to do all the things we want to.”

- Mark Carrier, president, B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group


——Mark Carrier,B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group總裁

3. “I think hotel brands and management companies have a unique opportunity to focus on creating value for consumers in the booking process. All the threats and opportunities today come from the fact that consumer isn't particularly happy with the status quo. The information they have empowers them, but also confuses them. Hotel organizations trying to force them into an old way of booking creates anxiety. Hotel companies have a high degree of trust with consumers in a way intermediaries can't create and they have an opportunity to leverage that in pre-stay environments.”

- Patrick Bosworth, co-founder and CEO, Duetto


——Patrick Bosworth,酒店收益管理服務商Duetto聯合創始人、CEO

4. “As an industry we're still stuck in the Stone Age. We're looking for the next new amenity that will make the room more sexy – the next shower or coffee machine. It's fascinating to me that the technology of Uber and Airbnb is phenomenal. It's about priorities and for the hotel brands to win, we need to shift resources from traditional and antiquated sales strategies and focus on technology.”

- Shai Zelering, managing director of operations and asset management, Thayer Lodging, Brookfield Hotel Properties


——Shai Zelering,酒店投資公司Thayer Lodging, Brookfield Hotel Properties運營及資產管理執行董事

5. “It's not about Big Data, but relevant data. Our expectation over the next 10 to 20 years, data companies will be the value creators in the economy.”

- Sloan Dean, VP of revenue optimization, Ashford, Inc.


——Sloan Dean,Ashford收益優化副總裁

6. “More and more guests who would have booked at the front desk are in the parking lot booking on an app. The issue here is there are a lot of hotels playing the game of dropping rate on the last date and they're teaching customers to check the app before checking in.”

- Mark Morrison, VP of corporate strategy, Hilton Worldwide


——Mark Morrison,希爾頓酒店集團企業戰略副總裁

7. “For all the revenue managers out there whose relationship with the CTO might have been untouched before, they need to be more engaged.”

- Jason Thielbahr, SVP of revenue optimization & distribution services, Red Lion Hotels Corp., on the importance of technology and how his company “got out of the rearview mirror and into the looking glass” with a suite of best-in-class software solutions


——Jason Thielbahr,Red Lion Hotels Corp.收益優化及分銷服務高級副總裁

8. “I'm warming to the idea that Airbnb is a structural threat to our industry in a way that perhaps many of us didn't realize.”

- Mark Carrier, president, B.F Saul Company Hospitality Group


——Mark Carrier,B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group總裁

9. “You can think about what I've said and worry about it, or you can look at the positives: 3 billion new consumers, new technologies and a world more connected. The winners will be the optimists, but you have to move fast.”

- Sree Ramaswamy, senior fellow, McKinsey Global Institute, after his keynote presentation on “No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Forces Breaking All the Trends”


——Sree Ramaswamy,麥肯錫全球研究中心高級研究員

(原文出處:Eric Stoessel, The 9 Best Quotes from RSS, 2015.8, Duettoresearch.com)